Attending Weekly Circles

One out of the nine maxims outlines that śiṣyas do their best to participate in the weekly meditation circles organised by the nearest Sandhya Maarga preceptor. This congregation is specifically known as satsangh.

Meditating in a group can greatly benefit both the disciple and others. Not only does this help the disciples practice their spiritual sadhana with discipline, meditating in a group also contributes to a higher intensity of energy concentration on the object of meditation. This is highly effective to pray for change in any worldly experience (whether for others, or yourself).

Satsangh participants will normally end the session with a spiritual discussion using excerpts from spiritual texts, including that of the Master's past discourses / lectures.

Established Routine for Sandhya Maarga Weekly Circles worldwide
1)  Preceptors introduce the common theme (or object) of the weekly prayer for śiṣyas to visualise during their meditative state.

2)  Ringing of the Tibetan bowl signifies the start of a session.

3)  Pay obeisance (or Namaskaram) to the Guru (the Master), mentally praying for guidance for the meditation session.

4)  Śiṣyas chant "AUM" 9 times and proceed with the Ganapati Mantram (optional).

5)  Group meditation session begins.

6)  After each session, śiṣyas hold both hands in Namaskaram again to thank the Guru and each other.

7)  Spiritual discussion of selected topic commences.

8)  Optional: Group gratitude session. Each śiṣya takes turn to express his/her gratitude for each aspect of his/her life.

9)  The circle ends.

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