Sandhya Maarga Meditation

Meditation is preferably practiced at the three time junctions of the day - just before dawn, noon and just after dusk.

Disciples (śiṣyas) are advised to wear light and comfortable clothing for the meditation session. Find a comfortable place so that the body is at ease, yet remain in a position so that you do not fall asleep. Remember to sit upright with the spine straight to allow an easy flow of energy through the chakras.

Those who find it difficult to meditate on the breath can use the meditation audio guide that the Master has recorded. Most Sandhya Maarga śiṣyas ring the Tibetan bowl prior to commencing the weekly meditation circle to cleanse the surrounding energy. They also wear a copper pyramid on their heads to increase the drawing in of concentrated amount of cosmic energy, which helps disciples get to the core of their being (centre) much faster.

Śiṣyas who are already well-versed with the Sandhya Maarga Meditation technique can meditate without the audio guide as usual (with or without the copper pyramid according to each individual's preference).

This meditation technique has been introduced by the Master and has been used by many śiṣyas all around the world. The Master has advised that each meditation sitting should ideally be at least 30 minutes long.

**To read the transcript of the Master's meditation audio recording, click here.

Stages of the Sandhya Maarga Meditation
1)  Focus only on the breathing. As you breathe in, hear the word "So" and as you breathe out, hear the word "Hum". Continue until the entire body and mind are completely relaxed. Remain in this state (the state of I AM) for as long as you wish.

2)  Slowly draw your attention to the base of your spine and imagine a lotus unfolding its petals, one by one. A golden light emerges from the petals and coils around the base of your spine like a serpent. Imagine the serpent slowly coiling upwards until it reaches your Crown chakra. Again, remain in this state for as long as you like.

3)  For those who desire to accompany the meditation with prayers, you can do so now. Perhaps you have witnessed an unlovely incident during the day and knowing that the mind is the sole instrument responsible for such an experience, revising it whilst at this "state" can alter the reality. The Master stresses on praying for others first before oneself. Imagine the best for everyone you know, or do not know before finally visualising the desired end for yourself. This, according to the Master, is the most compassionate and effective prayer that will usher in positive experiences.

4)  Śiṣyas who have just 'prayed' by visualising the desired experience whilst remaining at the 'centre' should always follow up with a gratitude session. Mentally list down as many as you can, the things and experiences that you are grateful for. Once you are satisfied, draw your attention back to your breath and remain in this state for as long as you like.

5)  When the disciple is ready, he/she can end the session.

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Sandhya Maarga Meditation


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