The 9 Maxims

1)  To recite prayers upon waking to ensure that one starts off the day with a positive and purposeful mission. 

2)  Do your best to meditate three times a day at the time junctions (just before dawn, noon and just after dusk - 6am, 12pm, 6pm). It is also advised that śiṣyas participate in the weekly meditation circles organised by the nearest Sandhya Maarga preceptor. Meditating in a group can greatly benefit both the disciple and others.

3)  Practice upholding the Truth (verbally and spiritually) at all times.

4)  Be kind and compassionate to all beings, and strive to make this world a better place for all to live in.

5)  See only the good in every experience and reject all negative elements from your consciousness (e.g. doubt, fear, anxiety, hatred, jealousy). Śiṣyas are to think, see, speak, hear and feel only goodness in everything.

6)  Remain one-pointed on your spiritual goal - to be the Master of your mind so that you will realise the God within you.

7)  Engage in purposeful actions that will help make you feel fulfilled such as service to humanity. You are to take care of your body temple with holistic ways to ensure that it is fit and healthy so that you are of use to yourself, family and society.

8)  Pray even for those whom you do not know personally. Whenever you witness an unlovely incident (even if it concerns a stranger), always revise the scene in your mind during your meditation session. Remember to pray for others first before praying for yourself.

9)  End the day with gratitude and acceptance for all that has happened and all that has been given to you, knowing that everything takes place for the ultimate benefit for all beings. Resolute to correct any mistake that you have committed throughout the day so that you do not repeat it in the future.

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