The Emblem

The emblem portrays the elements of the Sandhya Maarga Mission. This emblem has been personally designed by the Master herself, which entails spiritual significance to our practice.

The 4 highlighted features of the emblem are:
1)  The Meditator
2)  The Pyramid
3)  The Lotus
4)  The Wheel

The Meditator
Anyone who practices meditation is known as a meditator. The emblem shows the practitioner seated in a pyramid. The images of both Man and Pyramid are divided into half, portraying the concept of Yin and Yang, which suggests "balance" and the concept of "duality". Everything that happens in this Universe is an act of balance to sustain itself and life in this world exists on the concept of duality.

The Master says that "the purpose of Man's birth is to attain the spiritual goal; liberation. Since the Mind is the cause of bondage and liberation, it is therefore important that Man masters his mind to free himself from the cycle of birth and death; duality."

The Pyramid
Pyramid meditation is  widely practiced all around the world as it is believed to help Man draw in more cosmic energy during a meditation session. However, according to the Master, copper is the best material to meditate with. Most Sandhya Maarga practitioners practice meditation with copper pyramids on their heads to help them enter the meditative state.

The Lotus
It is the Mind that is responsible for Man's bondage and liberation. Entrapped by attachments, Man is bound. Only when he is free from attachments can be be free (liberated). According to the Master, liberation means absolute freedom. 

This value of detachment is taught to Man in the form of a Lotus, a symbol used in many religions, which entails deep spiritual significance. Man, in all his glory, is supposed to be untainted with impurities and the weather of external circumstances. Just like the lotus flower thrives on mud, it is also inevitable that Man must face and overcome the challenges of life. The Lotus is detached from its surroundings, weathering through storm and sunshine, and continues to bloom beautifully. 

Therefore, it is crucial that Man meditates on the wisdom of the Lotus in order to realise the Self. The practice of detachment is the only key to liberate Man from all suffering and distress.

The Wheel
The wheel symbolises "Life" in spirituality and the cycle of birth and death. The Sanskrit term, "Samsara", is also translated as the "Wheel of Suffering". Only through meditation on the Self can one be released from this wheel of life to attain "moksha" (liberation).

The Summary of the Essence of the Emblem
The overall message conveyed by the emblem is that Man, existing in this world of duality, must learn to maintain balance in all areas of his life; spiritually and physically, and mind and body. He has also to learn the value of detachment from this worldly illusion. The Master says that the Spirit within is nothing but a mere observer of a multi-faceted dream called Life. Only through the practice of meditation and detachment can the eternal and unchanging Self be revealed, liberating one from the cycle of birth and death (Samsara).

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