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Master Genevieve Tan Shu Thung (also affectionately called by her śiṣyas simply as Master, MotherMother SandhyaMataji or Guruji) is a Malaysian-born spiritual guide, known for the meditation technique named after her - "Sandhya Maarga Meditation".

The Master has travelled all around the world teaching the meditation technique and the principles of Spirituality and Mental Science. Disciples (śiṣyas) of the Mission comes from different nationalities and backgrounds. Not only does the Master deliver public discourses, she has also penned many inspirational articles related to he power of right-thought to urge all to cultivate confidence in the Self of which physical reality manifests from.

Master Genevieve is also the founder of the Sandhya Maarga Yoga system and is one of the instructors at the Sandhya Maarga Holistic Wellness Centre (MALAYSIA branch). The Sandhya Maarga Yoga system encompasses the different streams of Yoga practice which she has devised. Few of the most notable original forms of Yoga that Master Genevieve has founded and are unique to the SM Yoga system are (i) AcuYogaPressure, (ii) Velocity Yoga / CardiYogaRobics, and (iii) Abhyangam Yoga (Deep-Heat Massage) Yoga, and (iv) Arohanam Yoga (also known as Ascension Yoga™ or Ladder Yoga)

Recognised for her contribution to the field of Yoga around the world, Master Genevieve has been appointed as an Honorary Advisor to the World Yoga Foundation and is featured on NTV7's weekly Yoga segment on its popular breakfast show "Good Morning Tai Tai".
Also a long practitioner in Alternative Medicine and a healer, the Master says that all diseases are nothing but the result of negative thoughts: "all diseases are a result of a sick mind. Correct the mind and your body will be healed."

An experienced naturopath, Master Genevieve specialises in mind-body medicine, herbalism, vibrational therapy (Radionics & Vibropathy), and Yoga, and is also a Homoeopathy practitioner and an acupuncturist. She has been providing free voluntary alternative healthcare services (medicinal herbalism, Vibropathy & acupuncture) and free education in the rural villages of India. Genevieve received the "Health Excellence Award" from the hands of the former Vice Chancellor of Singhania University in Rajasthan Prof. Dr. Sohan Raj Tater  for exemplifying invaluable leadership in serving the ailing society and the humanity at large.

Balance is the key to proper development of both mind and body. With the progress of technology in the world today, many people have forgotten how to lead a simple and natural lifestyle. To educate the people on holistic living, she launched the online magazine-like website: Holistic Living Annex, which covers a wide range of topics to enhance people's quality of life. This free magazine also aims to raise the awareness of the public on the role of alternative medicines in the world today. Some of the Master's writings, transcript of her discourses and interviews can also be accessed from the same site. 

She has written many inspirational articles related to the power of right-thought to motivate all to cultivate confidence in the Self of which physical reality manifests from. Her recently published book, which has gotten positive international reviews and is sold globally is "Sun Tzu's Art of War Unveiled: A Fourth-Dimensional Interpretation to Master Your Mind" - the book guides readers how to be the mastermind of their own life in every aspect. She is also a columnist for The Jakarta Post, writing articles related to health and wellness.

She has delivered lectures and speeches around the world pertaining to Mental Science, Spirituality and Alternative Medicines, and has disciples of different nationalities.

In favour of using natural resources and ingredients for both health and beauty, She has also started the natural skincare line called Natural Impressions.

The Master is also actively involved in the performing arts field, which she believes to help tap into the creativity that lies dormant in many youths. She believes that their time is better channeled in producing meaningful projects than to waste it on other unfruitful activities that youths indulge in today. She has produced and directed movies and stage productions consisting of the philosophy of life that will help make this world a better place. During her leisure time, the Master also composes poetry about the essence of life and spirituality.

She is the producer and host for the HoLiNex TV series: "Holistic Energisers" aimed to further educate and raise awareness on the importance of leading a natural and healthy lifestyle, to serve humanity and share tips on how to achieve success.

General History
The Master was born in the south of Peninsular Malaysia. Her father was an English lecturer while her mother was teaching Home Science. She began attending nursery school at the age of 2 and few years later when her family moved up north, the Master was enrolled in an all-girls Convent school.

After completing her Year 6 (aged 12) education there, she left Malaysia to join her father in Brunei Darussalam. The Master continued her studies in a local government school located in the outskirts of the city for awhile before she was enrolled in an international school later.

The Master had a strong affinity for Music and the Performing Arts, but her interest in them was not deemed "realistic" and was therefore not encouraged to pursue her studies in those fields. Possessing a strong character of righteousness since childhood, the Master subsequently chose to read Law. She returned to Malaysia for her A-Levels and later on, went abroad to the United Kingdom to complete her Law degree in the University of Hull. A strong proponent for natural living, the Master subsequently continued her postgraduate studies in Alternative Medicines in India and began to serve the poor in the rural villages that have little to no access to medicine and education by providing free treatment and education.

Early Spiritual Life
The Master's father, who has great interest in spirituality, was actively involved in meditation practices even before she was born. Observing her father meditating, the young Master often asked if she could join him, a request that was always declined with the excuse that she was far too young. The little girl often locked herself in the room and meditated on her own without her parents' knowledge. Even without being taught how to meditate, the young Master was guided from within to be one with the breath.

At school, she used to describe to her classmates her visions and out-of-body experiences. She spoke to them about the philosophy of spirituality, beings from other dimensions, the fourth-dimensional plane, past lives, reincarnation and more. Some received the revelations well while some did not. A few even thought that the Master was out of her mind to utter such "nonsense".

One of the most interesting stories that the Master has shared with her śiṣyas is about her telling her young classmates regarding the cycle of birth and death. A young girl in the Master's class could not understand the idea and so, the Master simply told her that "we have all died before and we are born again into these bodies." Unable to comprehend the authenticity of the young Master's statement, the girl complained to the teacher and the young Master got into trouble for it.

There were some however, who really believed in the young Master's words. She could correctly tell them the examination rankings that they were going to get in class even before results came out. The things she has said about their future paths were also proven to be true many years later.

However, the Master's spiritual experiences were not always well-received by others. They simply could not understand the words of the young Master. After moving to Brunei, the young girl learned to keep her experiences to herself. Later, she moved to a rural village, surrounded by nature, in Brunei Darussalam. The Master always reminds śiṣyas that the plan of the Great White Spirit is always perfect. The environment in Brunei was ideal for the young Genevieve, allowing her to be one with nature so that she delves deeply within to prepare herself for the Mission.

Since a tender age, the Master has always known that she has a Mission that awaits her; a Mission to uplift humanity.

The Beginning as a Spiritual Guide
The Master's role as a spiritual guide began during her varsity days. She became more open about sharing her spiritual wisdom with others at the age of 18. The Master taught youths meditation and Mental Science. She also shared with those who were ready to learn her interpretation of various religious scriptures, including the Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Vedas and Buddhist Sutras. The Master has never stopped ever since.

Serving Humanity
The Master has been providing free voluntary alternative healthcare services (medicinal herbalism, Vibropathy & acupuncture) and free education in the rural villages of India.

She has also spearheaded various humanity service programmes such as the free Chitta Vajra Programme for Kids, which is designed to instill moral education into young children so that they may grow up to serve others and contribute back to society in a positive way. Other programmes include the Women Life Force in Action (WLFiA) programme that helps and support women in the local Malaysian community to stand up for themselves against abuse of any kind. She also founded the PawPrints programme that rescues strays inflicted with diseases to treat them based on the principles of alternative medicines such as acupuncture, medicinal herbalism, homoeopathy etc.

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