The Master's Meditation Audio Guide Transcript

Sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight. Relax the entire body and the mind. Just relax.

Draw your attention to the breath. As you inhale, hear the word “So” and as you exhale, hear the word “Hum”. So-Hum. It means I AM. This is the state of Being. This is the goal of meditation. Just allow yourself to be.
Be one with the breath. Do not attempt to control your breathing in any way. Just observe the breath as you inhale and exhale. You are drawing in cosmic energy as you inhale, which revitalizes all the organs in your body. As you exhale, you are releasing all negative beliefs and feelings now.

**If your mind begins to wander, slowly draw it back to observe the breath again. As you draw your attention away from your surroundings and remain focused only on the breath, your mind activity is toned down and you will notice that your breath is becoming lighter than before. You are attuning yourself with the Universal force.

Now imagine a strong pillar stretching from the base of your spine, which is your Kundalini, to the top of your head, the Crown Chakra. There are clouds hovering over your head, but the pillar stretches through the clouds. You cannot see what is beyond the clouds. At your kundalini, there is a lotus unfolding its petals one-by-one and a golden light emerges from it and is coiled at the base of the pillar.

I will begin counting from 1 to 108. As I count each number, this golden light will coil itself upwards, moving towards the crown chakra. By the count of 108, the golden light would have already reached the crown chakra and you will push to go beyond the clouds. Pay attention to my voice as I begin counting.

1, 2, 3, 4… 108

You have now come to a very large hall. This is the grandest hall ever imagined possible. Take your seat in the middle of this hall and sit in a lotus position. This is the realm of infinite possibilities, the source of your experienced reality on the third-dimensional plane.

Imagine a lotus at your heart chakra opening its petals one-by-one and a white light emerges from it to fill your entire body. Imagine another lotus at the third-eye chakra (situated in between the eye brows) also opening its petals one-by-one and similarly, white light also emerges from it to fill your entire body. The light glows brighter and brighter with each passing second so much so that your body cannot contain its brightness anymore.

Your body begins to glow so brightly that the light fills the entire hall. Due to the strong intensity of this white light, neither your body nor the hall can still be seen. Nothing else exists except this white light. You are now One with this all-pervasive Light of divinity.

Feel the bliss that you are now experiencing and meditate on it. Just be.

We are all connected. We are all part of the Great White Spirit. We are all One. We are nothing but this Light of divinity. As you pray for another being, you are in fact, praying for yourself for there is no other but that One all-pervasive Great White Spirit, which is the Source of all creation.

Nothing borne in the mind of Man did not first exist in consciousness. That which you accept to be true in your mind shall become true to your circumstances. This is the time to revise all negative beliefs and correct any unlovely images of your life by imagining vividly in your mind the ideal that you would like to experience. To imagine the best for another yourself is a form of prayer.

Nature abhors a vacuum. The thoughts that you now plant in this divine garden will objectify in good time.

We will now begin the journey of revision with the elements of Mother Nature. Balance is the operating principle of the Universe. The universe as we know is now healed. The protective ozone layer is no longer threatened by pollution. Construct a scene in your mind that shows a healed planet. (Pause)

We will now move on the flora kingdom. Construct a scene in your mind to correct any unlovely image in your experience pertaining to plants. You may pray for the entire plant kingdom or a specific plant that came to your attention. (Pause)

Let us move to the animal kingdom. You may pray for the entire animal kingdom or a specific animal that came to your attention. (Pause)

We will now revise scenes for Mankind. Any problems other countries are facing that came to your attention are now resolved. (Pause)

Let us move onto your own Motherland. Correct all the unlovely images pertaining to your country now by replacing them with an ideal scene that you would like to see. (Pause)

We are all brothers and sisters. Even acquaintances that you meet in life are part of You. Revise the life for someone whom you do not know well. It may be a beggar on the street or an unhappy lady whom you met on the bus. Whoever they may be, see them happy for their needs and desires are now fulfilled. (Pause)

Now, imagine the best for a friend you know. (Pause)

Do the same for family members. (Pause)

And finally, yourself. Create a vivid scene in your mind that shows your dream is now fulfilled. Feel the overwhelming joy and gratitude as you now experience in your mind the ideal that you once desired. You can no longer desire it because it is already yours. (Pause)

Gratitude is the most powerful emotion that you should feel at every single moment of your life. We will now begin to find all the things that you are grateful for in life, however big or small they may be. Remember, it is not all about yourself. You can also be grateful for seeing positive things in others.  

We shall now begin by saying “Thank You” for the Law that the Universe operates with.
“Thank You” for the clean water that we have to drink.
“Thank You” for the food we had today.
“Thank You” for our good health.
“Thank You” for our friends’ happiness.

Continue the listing other factors that you can be grateful for until you hear my voice again. (Pause)

Once again, draw your mind back to your breath. You are fulfilled in every aspect of your life. You have released all your desires as you have build structures in the fourth-dimensional world and you know that they will materialise in your experience in good time. Therefore, you are now dwelling on a state of no desires. Continue meditating with this feeling of bliss.

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