The Mission

The Sandhya Maarga Mission aims to help Man realise the Self. Knowing that the innate consciousness is the cause of every activity in the Universe, he is free from the bondage of suffering.

Individuals from different nationalities and backgrounds are united to meditate, not only for themselves, but for the greater good of all beings. Deeply rooted in the principle that all are One, each aspirant realises that he or she plays a fundamental role in shaping not only their own reality, but others' as well.

Practitioners align themselves with the Universal force through meditation and expand the awareness of the infinite Being within each and everyone to maximise their potential in all areas of life. The Sandhya Maarga Meditation is taught by the Master to all practitioners to reach higher states of consciousness and equip them with the knowledge as to the nature of the mind so that they may master it to experience spiritual growth.

The practices are accessible by all individuals. The Master says that spirituality is not confined to individuals who don the robe of a monk and run away into the forests to meditate. In fact, she says that everyone is on a spiritual path regardless of whether one knows it or not.

Another aspect of the Mission is its role in increasing the awareness of individuals in harmonising both spiritual and material life, and also mind and body. Achieving balance in this world of duality i an important feature in spirituality.

"Once Man knows the nature of the Mind and how it works, he knows that it is the one responsible for his bondage and liberation. When he has mastered his Mind, the possibilities are endless. Only upon seeing the miracles that he can summon by directing his mind in the proper channel will Man begin to question the Self within. After getting acquainted with his inner power to manifest the life experiences that he desires, there will be one day when he will rise to the state of no desires for he will discover that there will be nothing else for him to want since the entire Universe already exists within him." - Master Genevieve Tan Shu Thung

Practitioners are also taught holistic living techniques to maintain the mind body balance.

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