What is Sandhya Maarga?

"Sandhya Maarga" is a Sanskrit compound consisting of saṃdhyā, which means “union”, or more specifically the union or link between time junctions of the day and night twilight, and Maarga means "path". For thousands of years, the Indians consider the period just before dawn and just after dusk as well as the exact period of noon as extremely suitable for meditation practices.

So, in short, Sandhya Maarga simply means “The Path of Auspicious Union” ; namely the union of Purusha (Supreme Consciousness) and Prakriti (Matter).

Since ancient times, meditation is known to all as the best practice to facilitate the progress of Self-Realisation, the Ultimate aim of every spiritual aspirant. The Sandhya Maarga Meditation is taught worldwide at no cost and when practiced with discipline and earnest determination, it will bring about rapid transformation within an individual to realise that the innate consciousness is cause of every activity within the Universe. The wisdom and experiences gained from this system of meditation practice aid an individual to lead a balanced spiritual life in the world of matter through the discovery of the nature of one’s mind.

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Sandhya Maarga Meditation


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