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Holistic living is a system that works towards achieving balance between the mind, body and spirit. To lead a holistic lifestyle is to adhere to practices that will benefit you as a whole person. This involves nurturing the physical body, mind and spirit in the most natural way possible, giving it a greater freedom of expression from within so that one feels ‘complete’.

Some of the core areas in Life that Man seek to perfect today include health, finances, career, relationships and spirituality. The key to holistic living is to achieve balance in all of these areas, which will bestow us a more fulfilling life. We are in harmony with all natural elements in the Universe when balance is attained, and we therefore possess greater willpower in carrying out our daily tasks and working towards the mission we have set for ourselves in life.

Imbalance in any area may cause one to be more susceptible to various diseases and therefore distort them from their life’s vision. The importance of balance has been proposed to be the key of living a good and meaningful life. This can be observed through the concept of Yin and Yang, the practice of Yoga and so on.

More people today are seeking for alternative methods of healing instead of solely relying on modern western medicine, also known as Allopathy, which use pharmacologically active agents to suppress symptoms of diseases instead of curing them from their roots. Alternative systems of medicine, which employ more natural ways to help the body heal, such as Yoga, Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture are becoming increasingly popular. Alternative Medicine physicians treat a disease by healing a person’s body, mind and spirit. One should also adhere to a healthy lifestyle regimen such as maintaining a proper healthy diet, regular exercise, sufficient rest and most importantly, to have a strong positive belief system. Strolling in the parks or forests will also help one connect with nature, which are great stress-relievers, helping you to reach the centre within you. After all, that is what holistic living is all about.

Honour each and every person in your life for they have come into your life’s experience to exchange lessons to help each other grow. This is the key to releasing any negative emotions you have of another’s wrongdoing against you. It is always easier to let go than to hold onto a grudge. Nonetheless, keeping good company is important, for only birds of the same feather flock together. Use your heart to determine if the groups of friends you now cling to are influencing you positively or otherwise. If you know they are not good influence for your life, it is better to just stay as hi-bye acquaintances in this physical world, as you continue on your journey in staying focus of centering yourself.

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