Reasons to Meditate

Meditation is a practice of stilling the mind. The practice of meditation is not reserved solely for those who have decided to leave their family and friends, and run off to the forest in a saffron robe. Meditation is a practice for all and the benefits of practicing meditation are endless.

People used to associate the practice of meditation with finding their higher Self. Nowadays, meditation is recommended for many different reasons including relaxation, health, goal-achieving and more. Whatever your reason may be, when you practice meditation, you are sure to reap its benefits.

One of the most prominent benefits of meditation is its role in releasing stress from our bodies. Practiced regularly, meditation has been observed to keep an individual happy and relaxed. Whenever a regular meditator faces a problem, he or she is likely to deal with the issue with a clear mind instead of an agitated one. Many meditators have also reported of increased self-confidence and energy levels and healing of various diseases such as asthma, gastritis and more.

Many different methods of meditation are present today; however, all methods aim to still the mind. Methods are many, aim is one. Possibilities are infinite when one taps into the field of consciousness with a still mind.

Almost all motivational coaches today include meditation in their coaching regimen because they know how powerful stilling the mind is. When the mind is still, one is able to direct his or her conscious mind in impregnating the subconscious mind with an ‘ideal’, which will materialise in one’s objective reality over time. In touch with one’s inner Self when practicing meditation, one is more composed and will hence be clearer of his or her life's objectives. They will therefore invest their time and energy going in the direction that they feel drawn to within.

Meditation is easy and can be practiced anywhere at any given moment. All you have to do is to simply still your mind for a few minutes (preferably 20-30 minutes) every day. Just close your eyes and be one with your breath. Do not attempt to control your breathing. Your role is just to observe your breath. That is your inherent nature – an observer. The mind often loves to associate itself with forms. When something intrudes its stillness, draw it back to your breath. As time passes, you will begin to notice that your breath is becoming shorter and lighter.

Some meditators who have practiced meditation regularly for years also experience the ‘no thought’ and ‘no breath’ state. This is when the meditator becomes One with the entire Universal force, a state also known in Hindu scriptures as Samadhi. The state of Samadhi bestows one abundant flow of Cosmic Energy. Some meditators have also been able to leave their physical bodies, granting them the awareness that they are not confined to the flesh but are in fact, infinite beings. This is known as out of body experiences or astral projections. The continuous activation of the Third Eye chakra has also given some the ability to recall past life memories and much, much more.

You have nothing to lose, but all to gain in practicing meditation.

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