Dialogue with the Master: When Destiny Arrives

Master, I have an issue that needs clarification. What exactly do you mean by "when destiny arrives"? You have quoted this statement many times. I'm preparing this topic for our meditation circle tomorrow in New York. I thought that destiny is in our hands. Why do we then wait for destiny to arrive?

The Master:
All possibilities exist at this point of our existence. Time is not linear in the expansive reality of the Self, but when limited to our physical existence, time seems to appear linear. Destiny is in your hands (when the ego-self still exists). However, from the realm and perspective of the Absolute, destiny just is (the multitude of possibilities). Hence my quote "when destiny arrives" (in relation to the realm that your ego-self recognizes; a selective limited physical reality).

Master, the philosophy is quite deep. I could only understand a little from whatever you have just said. So basically we do not create our destiny, but rather wait for it to come?

The Master:
My dear, what else can we create when the Bible clearly states that "creation is already finished"? All possibilities exist NOW. Time is not linear from the view of the Absolute. But from the view of the finite ego-self, time is linear and Maya (illusion) plays with your mind making you think that you (the ego-self) are the creator of the cascade of life. However, what your ego-self is aware of, IS already existing in the Absolute. This therefore gives rise to the question of the existence of Freewill. Freewill exists when perceived from a finite ego-self, but does not exist at all if perceived from the view of the Absolute. How else can God be omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient if the Absolute did not already know and provide for a particular possibility to exist even before the thought arose in the limited mind of Man? Remember that the Absolute, the Great White Spirit (otherwise known as God), is a state beyond everything (including the mind, intellect and even existence itself). The seeming existence of duality brought about by Maya (illusion) only exists within IT, but to merge with the state of the Absolute would mean the dissolution of everything so that IT does not even know IT exists.

So basically, we do not actually have freewill, which we so believe to possess. If we think that we have freewill, we are just talking from a limited ego-self of existence. We are actually beyond the limited existence of the body. We are the Supreme Being (Atma), and so, any of our physical sensation or experience is just the unfolding of the petals that covers our true identity, the Self. Am I right?

The Master:
That is correct.

This gives me the answer to the big question as to the existence of freewill that lingered in my head for so many years. Thank you for the clarification. If what I understood from what you have just said is correct, Master, then our bodily existence is basically just likened to a machinery receiving orders from within, which includes our so-called desires, sensations and even goals. All are motivated from within. But what I don't understand is, since the inner Self is all good, why is it that some people are compelled to commit 'bad' crimes / mistakes?

The Master:
A very good question. What is "bad" and what is "good"? "Good" is the absence of "bad", and "bad" is the absence of "good". Without BAD, you can never know GOOD, and vice versa. They have a relative existence my dear. One simply cannot exist without the other because they complement each other. Furthermore, "bad" and "good" are just terms that Man have come up with to define what suits their bodily practices as being "right" or "wrong". They are merely used to govern a familiar cycle.

For example, vegetarians believe that meat-eating is "bad" and "wrong". However, meat-eating lovers do not define that practice as so. Therefore, I put it to you that "bad" and "good" are just terms that can carry any meaning relative to what resonates to the individual's ego-existence.

The Self just is. All promptings are from within. Life itself is just a divine drama. As scriptures say, Man is made in the image of God. In fact, all beings are sparks of divinity; God. Life as you see it is just a mirage. It is not real, but a dream. When you see a tiger eating the flesh of another animal, why then does Man not say that it is "bad"? Surely you cannot force the tiger to be vegetarian? It is the prompting of the inner instinct that dwells within them to maintain the order of nature.

There is nothing at fault here to explain the existence of such so-called 'brutality' except we can only say that it is the manifestation of different levels of the infinite divine Intelligence that is responsible in governing the way one thinks and behaves. The thinner the veil of Maya (illusion) that impairs the divine vision of Man, the greater the light of the Self emanates from him, and a more meaningful and spiritual life he will lead.

Those who have committed crimes too are sparks of divinity. However, their minds have been heavily clouded by the veil of Maya, which is yet to be unveiled to allow the beauty of the Self to shine forth.

These words are very profound. I cannot easily digest them but I am trying to. Even though I do not entirely understand the lesson, nonetheless, your words resonate very strongly with my heart. I only hear my spirit whispering yes, yes, yes even though my limited ego-self cannot fully comprehend it yet.

The Master:
Nothing that I have said is profound or philosophical. The Law just is. Divinity just is. As I have said earlier, it is the manifestation of different levels of Spirit Intelligence that determines one's level of understanding. As the mind is clear and free from impurity, all these become clear.

Excerpts of the spiritual interview with the Master in Andhra Pradesh, INDIA (July 2012)

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