The Significance of Ganesh Chaturthi

Actually elephants are very intelligent animals. That is why there is a phrase saying that an elephant never forgets. Why do you think Ganesha is depicted as a symbol of an elephant? That is because, an elephant never forgets. The message is not only applicable to mundane matters, but also to the true nature of the Self.

So, everyone should be like Ganesha. He symbolizes Intelligence – Higher Intelligence. He is the representation of our Intellect. That is to say, you are to invoke your Intellect to live the wisdom of not forgetting the higher Self. This is the significance of Ganesh.

Also, why do you think that Ganesh is depicted as half man and half animal? It is the representation of duality. While man exists in the body, he is still governed by some animal instincts for survival. Ganesh is depicted as half man and half animal to give the best representation of achieving balance between both.

The final goal is still to let Atma (Great White Spirit) shine through you with all its luster.  Only Atma is permanent while the rest are just fleeting. Man is still sleeping. People go to work, return home, eat, bathe, sleep and repeat the same cycle again every single day. This is the world of the sleeping man. I am not saying that you should not go through these processes. Everyone has to go through these processes somehow in this world today that is governed by only by monetary value. But one must be clear whether they are allowing these daily ‘chores’ to control their lives, which result in misery, or if they are the ones who are in control of them – doing these things because they feel that it is righteous in their heart. To be the slave or the master of life is the ultimate question that man must ask himself.

Do not be the slave of your daily chores. Do not be the slave of your desire. Release them and turn within. Enquire within yourself what purpose you should set for yourself in life. When you do the work of Spirit (what is prompted from within), everything will fall into place. It’s like flowing with the course of the river. This river is Spirit. When you fight against the current, you are bound to be exhausted. Even if you were to walk beside a river, you will only be able to walk at a particular speed. If however you immerse yourself in the water and just release any resistance, following the flow of the river within you, the current of the water will bring you further than what you can cover by foot walking beside it. So, release all tension and listen within. Let this course of the river within you guide you. You will never go wrong.

Sometimes, you may question if you are on the right path when you see others moving towards a different direction. You feel alone and wonder if you are making a mistake for going down this path that you have chosen. Ask yourself, does it feel right? If it does, then it is only righteous that you tread down this path. If you fight the course of the river of Spirit, its current is so strong that somehow, it will push you back there again. So why fight it? You can resist for awhile, but what must be fulfilled, must be fulfilled. Just let go now and listen to the inner promptings of the Self. Do the work of Spirit and you will be amazed how many people will come your way to help you fulfil the mission you came back here to accomplish. When you live by the principle of the Self, somehow you will never go wrong. You will have the necessary vigour and stamina to lead a fulfilled and purposeful life. Seeing your example, people will begin to question, “How come he or she is able to do this or that whereas I cannot?” They will begin to seek the secret that you seem to keep,  only to find out later that there is actually no secret at all. Eventually, the sleeping man will realise that he has been dreaming his entire life into being all the while but was merely unaware of this. The awakened man does the work of Spirit to light this fire of wisdom within his brothers who are still yet to awake to this Truth.

(The Master hands the Holy Vedas to disciples)

It is tradition that people always pray to Ganesh first before any prayer. The spiritual significance of this demonstrates the importance of invoking the Intellect before proceeding with any task. When you use your Intellect to live your life, you will always remember of your true nature. Ganesh is also said to be the ‘remover of obstacles’. When you know the true nature of the Self, you will realise that your Intellect is the one responsible in governing your mind. Where is there room for obstacles then?

When you turn to Higher Intelligence (otherwise known as divine wisdom), you shall rid from yourself all desires because you will know that “I AM I”. Nothing is impossible to God, the infinite, all-pervasive and all-powerful Great White Spirit, which is none other than the Self. Thus, there is no goal ever too big to realise in life. You can fulfill any mission that you have set for yourself and there will be nothing that can come your way to stop you from realizing it because it already IS.

Therefore, before you assume any task, let the Intellect be your guide. Let it be your friend. In fact, the Intellect is neither the guide nor a friend. There will be one day when you have risen to realise that the Intellect is none other than you. There is no separation. In this world of duality, people explain the mind and Intellect as though they are separate from them. The Truth is, the mind and Higher Intelligence is all-pervasive just like the Self.  Neither the mind nor the Intellect is a mere faculty.

The mind perceives that objects are separate from each other and there is space in between each object. It is in fact, a mere trick of the mind. Under a certain microscopic instrument, you will be able to see that both ‘space’ and your body are made from the same Source – energy. There is no difference between the object perceived and you. That is why in the Buddhist Heart Sutra, it asks you to “know that form does not differ from space and space does not differ from form. Form is in fact, space, and space is in fact, form.

So awaken and know your true nature! You are not merely a being encapsulated within flesh. You are not here to merely sleep, eat and work. You are here to realise this Truth. You may take days, months, years, or even many births to realise the Truth, but one day, you must still realise this. Eventually, everyone has to reach this destination.

(The Master chants the Vedas to end the session)

Excerpts from the Master's discourse in Andhra Pradesh, INDIA (September 19, 2012)

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