The Holy Trinity

Let us move on to the trinity of GoddessesLakshmi, Saraswaty and Durga. Again, most people separate them as three different forms. In reality, they are one and the same. The different forms are only symbolic of different aspects of life. Lakshmi is known as the Goddess of Wealth. True wealth does not refer to mere paper that people have attributed monetary value to, but spiritual wealth. Spiritual wealth symbolises contentment.

You are the all-pervasive one that permeates the entire universe – Brahman. What else do you crave for when everything is within you, belongs to you and IS YOU? You already ARE.

The second popular form of the Goddess is Saraswaty. She is known as the Goddess of wisdom or knowledge. Most people pray to this form in hope that their intellectual capacity to retain bookish knowledge be expanded. 

Students want to score high grades and to whom do they turn to? That’s right, Saraswaty Devi. In fact, Goddess Saraswaty’s title is not as the Goddess of wisdom means much more than helping her devotees retain bookish knowledge. She denotes spiritual wisdom that one must live from in their everyday life. Only with wisdom can one be void of misery and attain liberation from Maya (illusion).

The third form is Goddess Durga. She is the symbol of strength. Those who crave for status and power turn to her, seeking Her blessings to gain worldly recognition. But what the Goddess truly is, is the representation of spiritual strength. When you have set your mind to do something, proceed with it. Exercise your willpower that has been gifted to you at birth. If one lacks willpower, there is not much vigour to continue living a purposeful life. Spiritual strength is within you. 

Do not be mistaken that physical strength is the one responsible in sustaining the body. In fact, any strength comes from the life force within. Harness spiritual strength, and physical strength will follow. That is why when someone ‘dies’, the body is left lifeless because the life force has already left the physical frame. Without this life force, what strength does the physical body have left? This proves that strength is not gained from the physical body but is actually derived from the soul. Therefore, nourish your subtle body first as it will directly influence the condition of your physical frame. Everything starts from the subtle world before it manifests on this objective plane. Diseases are merely the result of a sick mind.

Excerpts from the Master's discourse in Andhra Pradesh, INDIA (October 24, 2012)

- In conjunction with the Vijaya Dasami Celebration (Navarathri)

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