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Although there are times when I would recall and mention some of the beautiful memories that I have had in my life, it does not mean that I am 'regretting' my decision to be where I am now. It is funny how some people think that reminiscing the certain moments or places of the past would imply that I have the desire to go back to where I was. If I did, I would not have left in the first place.

I see life as a never-ending journey. If there were good times back then, there are better times ahead of me (whichever path I may choose to tread upon). There is absolutely no regret of the decisions that I have made in the past. Even if I were to go back in time, knowing that I will end up here again if I make the same choices, I will still choose not to change a thing and walk down the same road to be where I am now.

Sometimes, the things that people see as 'great' are not really great at all. And some of those 'little' things that people usually overlook are in fact, the worthy goals of life. What are material possessions after all? Everything that you can own will one day, still be reduced to ashes.

The society may chide, criticise and look down upon a man who has no belongings whatsoever and who sits all day by the river, meditating. The people think they are superior to him because they have big cars, big houses and all the other big things they can ever think of. But he has one thing that the rest do not. Peace of mind. This is one treasure that can never ever be bought with money.

Having said that, it is also not wrong to have material comforts. Peace of mind is not only obtained by giving up your material comforts and running off into the jungle away from society to meditate. Peace of mind is derived from detachment. If one can live in society, among the people, experiencing all the dramas of life and can still have peace of mind - now that is true detachment! Nonetheless, each person's choice is different. So let us all not judge people's choices. Respect other people's choices as you would like others to respect yours.

The most important thing is to live from your heart. Know what your passion really is and you will create miracles in your life. Even if the whole world tells you that this or that is good, but it does not resonate with your heart, leave it. You should be the one holding the pen to write your life story, not others. When you are not happy with whatever you are doing, how are you ever going to excel in it? You can get by of course (with hard work), but you will never excel (to be at your very best) in it because your work will not be fuelled by this one thing called passion. So, find your passion and live from it today.

- Master Genevieve Tan Shu Thung
(03 December 2012)

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