The danger of vengeance

The feeling of vengeance is borne out of ignorance; the idea that you are a victim of other people's actions and your circumstances. What good is vengeance for? All the negative thoughts that you hold towards another will only harm you instead. 

Remember, one can never escape the law of karma whether it is created by thoughts, words or actions. Those who have "harmed" you in any way at all have already punished themselves by their own thoughts. As a man thinketh, so is he. When they give out negative thoughts, they can only draw negative circumstances into their lives. Similarly, when you, in wanting to take vengeance, emit such negative vibrations, you can only draw back the equivalent results. You do not harm another more than you harm yourself in wanting to take vengeance.

All your experiences were drawn to you by your own mind. Therefore, to change your circumstances, change your mindset!

If you simply cannot release the idea of wanting to take vengeance against another who has "harmed" you in some ways, then the best vengeance is to live the best life you can! Be as happy as you can! Those who put you down are vibrating at a negative thought-frequency and can therefore not stand the sight of other people's happiness. Vibrating at such a negative frequency, how far can they go in life? To be angry and sad over their actions is to give them the gold medal for having successfully ruined your life. Why let others sculpt your life for you?

So, go out and be happy! Forget all that they have ever done to you. Forgive and forget. They have already punished themselves. Vibrating at such a negative frequency, how far can they go in life? They are miserable people, which is why they try to make other people's lives miserable too. There is no need to pity them, but be compassionate and understand that the reason behind their actions is due to ignorance. When the day comes that they too realise that their thoughts and actions will define their lives, they too will begin to change for the better. After all, who does not want to experience happiness and fulfillment? Enjoy your Sunday!

- Master Genevieve Tan Shu Thung
(09 December 2012)

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