Sandhya Maarga Yoga for General Health in Paranaque, Philippines

(hla) THE Sandhya Maarga Yoga for General Health system was taught to Filipinos in the Paranaque region (Philippines) yesterday. With Master Genevieve beginning the session with the ringing of the Tibetan bowl, SM Yoga instructor Wong Eileen took over the session to demonstrate various SM Yoga postures that were suitable to help the individuals there gain greater clarity of mind and better mastery over their bodies.

After the session, Master Genevieve delivered a short lecture on how to care for the body and touched a little bit on how the mind affects one's mobility. Master was then confronted with many questions by enthusiastic participants who wanted to know more on the topic of natural health. Their thirst of knowledge was clear. Everywhere we went in the Philippines, the team could observe that Filipinos are generally very health-conscious.

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