The Duality of Life

"One who is born, will meet death, 
One who meets will one day separate, 
One who has seen the light, would have met darkness before, 
One who knows laughter, knows tears as well, 
One who experiences happiness, would have known grief, 
One who has success, would have tasted failure... 

 Can you not see then, that life is so momentary and fleeting? Nothing is permanent including feelings and expressions. It is all Maya, Maya, Maya (illusion). What is good today becomes bad tomorrow. What is bad today can also become good tomorrow. Who is close to you today can become distant tomorrow, and who is distant today can also become close tomorrow. Such is the duality of life. Why take success, possessions, name and relationships so seriously then? When they come, they come. When it is time for them to go, they go. We bring nothing to the grave. Just continue your journey in fulfilling the mission that you have set for yourself in this life and leave the rest. You are expected to be nothing more than just the Self."

- Master Genevieve Tan Shu Thung

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