Women's Life Force in Action (WLFiA)

The Sandhya Maarga Mission initiated a women support circle called the "Women's Life Force in Action" (WLFiA), spearheaded by the founder and spiritual Master of the Mission, to provide support in various ways to grieving women who are afflicted by physical or emotional abuse, abandonment etc.

We are a non-profit support group that aims to educate women about their rights and help women stand up against violence or abuse (whether physically or emotionally). The WLFiA conducts projects and organises seminars and lectures to help empower women and inspiring them to protect themselves against any form of abuse or discrimination.

Women may feel powerless when facing certain situations, and may not want to immediately seek help from established women's support organisations or bodies. We operate at a more personal level, (more like a friend) with our members, willing to lend an ear and provide our fullest support to any distressed woman.

We also do our best to contact and liaise with the relevant organisations and bodies that may help the individual, and when the individual is ready, we will then redirect her case to the said party.


a)  Domestic Violence (Male violence against women)
We work to raise awareness of the extent, causes and effect of male violence against women, whether inflicted by the husband or male friend. We have a mentor programme that gives women an opportunity to confide their grief to another individual, who will be their temporary source of mental support before we refer the case to the relevant organisation/body that deals with such cases best.

b)  Domestic Violence (Children)
Physical and mental abuse do not stop at husbands or male partners inflicting the pain on women. Children inflicting physical and emotional pain on parents is also a growing concern. Any mother who is abused in any way at all by their children can contact us for help.

c)  Abandonment
More and more families are abandoning their old parents. Anyone who knows of any case of abandonment can contact us, and we will do our best to help.

d)  Sexual assault
A victim of such cases may be lost and not know what to do. Emotional support is provided in such cases while we do our best to re-direct the individual to the best organisation or the police that can help with the case.

e)  Woman re-entering the workforce
We help equip any woman who has left the workforce for a very long time but would like to rejoin the working community with the necessary information and help her seek and secure the opportunities available. Soft skills training, CV preparation, job support etc. available.

For any emergencies, please contact our hotline:
+6(011)-16227321 or +6(018)-2051255

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