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Welcome to PawPrints Natural Rescue's Adoption Centre! Want to make your life richer and more meaningful? Adopt a pet today! Not only will they make your life more beautiful, you'll make theirs too! Pets may mean the world to you, but to them, you are their world!

Currently, we have these cute orphans up for adoption. Call us today to adopt any of them at +6(018)-205 1255!

CASSANDRA is a small beautiful black pup (mixed breed) with two cute brown spots around her eyes. She was found injured, infested with maggots, which we have cleared. Cassandra is recuperating and very active.

She has begun her toilet-training; we put a tray with newspaper on and she seems to already start to grasp the idea that she has to urinate at that spot.

Cassandra is warm, loving and loves lots of cuddles as she climbs onto your lap and tries to catch your finger each time you bend to stroke her head.

ALFRED was rescued as a pup along with his brother, Kraft, whose paw was split into half due to a severe injury. When they were released on the street again after Kraft's injury healed, Kraft was rolled over by a car, which led us to temporarily take Alfred into our care again. We have rescued too many dogs and we need a loving home for this young pup. 

Alfred is alert, energetic and makes a good watch dog. He is also very playful and loving.

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