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The Sandhya Maarga team was together with the Metro IVF Fertility team, and the UiTMPSC on October 8th, 2016 at the UiTM University for the Fertility Community Forum.

Over 120 participants attended the "Make Pregnancy Possible" public forum jointly organised by Metro IVF and UiTM Private Specialist Centre. Among the topics presented were:

  1. Natural Conception and Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) by Dr. Salini Suhaila, Obstetrics & Gyanaecology UiTMPSC
  2. You Are What You Eat by Pn Syahrul Bariah, Nutritionist UiTMPSC
  3. Male Infertility by Dr. V. Mohan Raj, Fertility Specialist Metro IVF
  4. Getting Pregnant with Invitro Fertilisation by Dr. Tee Swi Peng, Fertility Specialist Metro IVF, and 
  5. Improving Your Chances of Getting Pregnant with Yoga by Master Genevieve Tan Shu Thung from Sandhya Maarga.

Counselling sessions were also held for couples who were keen to know more about getting pregnant and the available treatment options. Metro IVF Fertility would like to thank all participants who have step forward and hopes to make IVF treatment available to the masses.

Master speaking about how Yoga can improve chances of conception

Participants enjoying HasyaYoga - Laughter Yoga

Participants practising some basic Yogasanas with Sandhya Maarga instructor, Wong Eileen

Dr. Tee Swi Peng speaks about Getting Pregnant with IVF Process

Dr. Mohan Raj speaking about Male Infertility

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