Visit to Cherish Life Homes Animal Shelter

THE Sandhya Maarga Chitta Vajra Programme for Children organised a trip to Cherish Life Homes, an animal shelter in Hulu Langat on September 23rd, 2016 to teach our children the value of compassion for other beings.

Our children were introduced to all types of dogs from different backgrounds. They were exposed to some sad stories of how the creatures were abandoned from their homes and found roaming on the streets. Among the sad stories included those about battered dogs. Two younglings, Parnavi and Kanisan, though initially afraid of Viva, a dog whose nose was brutally chopped off, finally developed compassion and fondness for it.

Another dog that was limping also captivated their hearts. The children were taught how to bathe the animals, showering their love and affection for the lonely souls at the Home.

The trip exposed participants to the ideals of teamwork and how they should take responsibility of their tasks. They were expected and encouraged to clean up after the activity.

Some children and teenagers in the group were afraid of dogs, but learned to overcome their fears and opened their minds and heart that another species could also be as loving as human beings regardless of their appearances.

Parnavi (aged 4) who was afraid of dogs, learned to overcome her fear, and open up her mind and heart that another species could also be as loving as human beings.

Sandhya Maarga Chitta Vajra children were also taught to clean up after they are done with their activity. This exposed them to the ideals of teamwork and taking responsibility of their task.

 Chitta Vajra children bathing Viva.

SM Youth, Huey Yi, who is also afraid of dogs, dared herself to face her fear and she successfully conquered it that day when she entered the enclosure filled with dogs.

Master Genevieve Tan Shu Thung was good company for the dog who lost its limb. In such a short time, it grew so attached to her.

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