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Yoga practice at Sandhya Maarga is not only a 'physical exercise' alone. As the Master always reminds us, Yoga is what it is to each individual. In other words, what Yoga is to you depends on your own perception.

Did you know that Yoga is not merely an exercise but is therapeutic in nature? Since the World Health Organization officially began promoting yoga in developing countries in 1978, yoga has been cited for its therapeutic potential.

The Sandhya Maarga Mission has its own set of Yoga Asanas (postures). Sandhya Maarga Yoga centres offers various types of SM Yoga courses tailored for specific therapeutic purposes. To learn more about our unique Yoga system, please visit our website or click here.

We were also featured on NTV7 every week on its popular breakfast show - Good Morning Tai Tai (活力早晨), appeared on Women's Zone and other TV programmes. Click here to watch past episodes.

**Each term lasts for 12 weeks. Contact the preceptors or person-in-charge for Sandhya Maarga centres outside Malaysia.

NEW! We now also offer a Diploma in Yoga Teaching, accredited by the UK. We are the first Academy in Malaysia to offer a Diploma in Yoga Teaching with a UK accredited syllabus.

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