Impossible is Nothing

13 August 2011 (New York, UNITED STATES)

Remember the time when you believed that you could do anything and be anyone you want? It sounds so far away, isn’t it? Well, it’s not too late! You still can!

All you have to do is to believe in yourself. Resurrect that pure innocent child-like faith within you that died when you were thrown into the ocean of what most adults call “REAL LIFE”. You are a magnificent being and you have a life full of potential. It’s just that you have been distracted with all the expectations others have placed on you so much so that you have failed to stop for a moment to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. So stop now and breathe. Remember, impossible is nothing. The very word reads I-M-Possible (I am Possible)!

Start to be the master of your life. Do not let others have any control over you. Many may try to influence you for your so-called ‘best interest’, advising that you would be better off treading certain roads in life. However remember this, whatever road it may be, unless you are truly happy doing something, you will never go far! Doing something that does not resonate with your heart makes you feel ‘stuck’. You are there because others told you to, and not because you were inspired to. So, you are not compelled from within to put in the effort necessary to reach greater heights.

And because you do not feel the satisfaction of being where you are now, life may even start to fall apart as you develop negative thinking patterns. So you see, what else can result but resentment towards the very people who put you there in the first place? Despite such wretchedness, you find it hard to leave because you have become so laid-back by letting others make decisions for you that you could no longer make one on your own!

It is a never-ending negative cycle that only you yourself can break. Stop being swayed by others and start listening within. Then act on it! If you do not like what you see in the mirror, don’t break the mirror… Change the face instead! Remind yourself daily that this is your life. If you are not truly happy, of what use are you to other people then?

The chains that you feel are binding you are nothing but an illusion. You are the one who is binding yourself to a particular state in life.

People tell me that they want change and they would like to lead the life that they dream of. But when I observed their actions, they did nothing about it! If you want something different, then start doing something different! After my lectures, I will have some coming up to me and say, “I will ‘try’ to apply the principles that you have just taught us.” My reply was always: “The word ‘try’ does not exist in my vocabulary. I either do it, or I don’t!” Period!

Having faith in your dreams or yourself gives no room for doubt. It is either you have it, or you don’t! So develop unwavering confidence in yourself and go for it. Give your heart and soul to live the life of your ideal...

What is Life?

02 July 2011 (London, UK)

People often ask the question, "What is Life?"

There is but a simple answer. Life is just what you make out of it, is it not?! So many have searched the meaning of life in all the wrong places, when the real answer lies within! They have searched everywhere else, except within. It is like you searching for a pin in the farm when you have lost it in your own house.

Everything is from within, not without. There is no purpose of life that can be found 'out' there if you were not prompted from within in the first place. Or else, why is it that some fight more strongly towards a certain goal, which others do not? That is because each of us have different roles to play according to our inner calling. So judge not other people's interests for you may not have even discovered your very own.

There is nothing out there that can offer you the definition of Life except that which you have set yourself. Everything depends on your own perception. You can live life in 3 different ways:

1) Positive,

2) Negative, or

3) Indifferent

Positive-thinking people have disciplined minds. Come what may, their spirits would never be broken. Their minds do not give way to anything negative to govern the pattern of their thoughts, which we all know is responsible to shape our outer reality for thoughts give rise to feelings, which in turn direct our actions. Actions repeated over time form habits, and habits build our characters, which is the determinant of our destiny.

On the other hand, those who have the habit of focusing on the glass being half-empty would only see life a full of misery. They see lack in everything. Hence, the feeling of dissatisfaction arises and this feeling of discontentment engulfs their being until they reach a point of having no mental peace.

These people will always seek excuses for all the seeming 'black holes' in their life, whereas a positive person will always own up to any mistake they have done, and remind themselves never to repeat the same mistake again.

A negative-centered person will search for a thousand and one reasons as to why things did not go his or her way, whereas a positively-geared person will find a thousand and one solutions to the existing dilemma instead.

We call these positive people Proactives! Due to their 'never-give-up attitude', they will always turn every obstacle into a challenge, which will bring them one more step further in life. They do not dwell on the past. They move forward with open arms, knowing that more challenges are to come their way, to continuously increase their mental aptitude, so much so that problems of the past will no longer seem as problems. We are all in this vast Universal school. We are given riddles and puzzles to solve so that we can expand our awareness to realise that we are infinite beings. Therefore, shedding our limited thoughts is vital!

At the end of the day, it is our attitude towards life that cradles us or breaks us.

Is it that difficult to be positive? In fact, it is the easiest thing to do. You are much better off being positive than negative. Try gripping your hand into a fist tightly, doesn't that tire you? Similarly, don't hold on too tightly to what has happened, or what is happening now in your life. Let go! Let the river within guide you. Let it flow through you. It is easier to follow the flow of the river (which is within) than to fight its course!

Did you know that it costs you much more 'etheric energy' outflow when you are negative? Why waste that energy dwelling on unfruitful thoughts and feelings instead of using it to develop the areas of your life instead?

When you grasp something so tightly, it is because you are afraid that what you now hold will soon be gone. You are unsure of your capabilities, doubting that nothing better will come your way. Golden opportunities are often lost that way, because you become so focused on that small thing that you fail to see the bigger picture.

I have had conferences whereby students spent so much of their time telling me why they were not worthy of their goal. This included the lack of education, skill and many more. The thing is, why waste all that time listing all your CAN'Ts instead of using that time to go fill in all the necessary gaps, which you believe are missing from your life? If it is a language skill that you lack, instead of spending 1 hour in your attempt to justify that this is the reason why you cannot achieve what you want, isn't that 1 hour better spent by actually learning the language? If you could spend 1 hour telling me why you can't do something, you must have also spent way more time dwelling on it within yourself, plus you could have also wasted time telling others about it!

Imagine, how much time has been wasted that way over something futile and unproductive. Idle talk will never help you ascend the ladder of success!

To adopt a negative or positive attitude is a choice. You can choose to be happy, or unhappy. It is really that simple. If you choose to be positive, without a doubt, you will be happy for you will give way to nothing to bother you. On the other hand, if you choose to be negative, then every single little thing will agitate you. So at the end of the day, happiness is a choice.

Release all tension and worries. Use minimal force to handle the drama of your life. Do whatever that is necessary to bring your dreams into reality. When you do something that really resonates with what you feel within, you will no longer feel it is a chore because it is part of you. It is unnecessary to exert any additional force when you are flowing according to the course of the river within. In fact, with the aid of its current, the river will bring you to the end of the destination of your inner calling even faster.

Hence, my advice for you people today is to go out and live life filled with positivity for you are a glorious being! Nothing can fail you but yourself. So, don’t fail yourself. Pursue your dreams to its maximum, always believing in your own capabilities. Even the sky is not your limit!

Mastering the Heart Sutra

January 2011 (Beijing, CHINA)

A lotus flower symbolises total detachment. Therefore, “the Jewelled One upon the Lotus” is one who is untainted with impurities and the weather of external circumstances. He / She who dwells deeply in the Ultimate Wisdom of Perfection will ultimately reach the realisation that all the five elements that seemingly exist are in fact, non-existent at all. This realisation is the one responsible for liberating all from suffering and distress.

O Devoted Disciple of the Buddhic (Wisdom) Path,

Know that the Form is not different from the Formless (perceived by the 5 senses as ‘space’). Divinity pervades the entire Universe, including what we see as space. In fact, there is no ‘space’. If divinity is all-pervasive, where is there space and form? Each cannot be known without the other; ie. the formless cannot be known without the form, and vice-versa. All activities, within or without, such as sensations, thoughts, impulses, awareness, feelings, speech and so on, are in fact “nothingness”. These only seem to exist from a limited worldly individual perception. From the view of the Great White Spirit (the Ultimate Whole), these do not exist.

The Supreme Consciousness neither begins, nor does it end. It is never stained, nor is it pure. Nothing is ever gained, nor will it be lost. Therefore, the formless substance (Supreme Consciousness) that has no sensation, thoughts, impulses and awareness pervades all space. Since it is all-pervasive, this Substance too pervades all forms. It is not confined to the 5 senses. It has neither eye, ear, nose, tongue, body nor mind. It is not governed by sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, thoughts or even knowledge. IT is all there is; everything, yet nothing.

There is no such thing for IT (Supreme Consciousness) as ignorance, therefore, there is no end for ignorance [Note: Ignorance, bad or good are examples of the terms Man have come up with for daily interaction / communication. Since Supreme Consciousness is all there ever is, it just IS, untainted with any values / terms Man have introduced in attempting to extol the Spiritual Truth]. Since It is neither beginningless nor endless, there is also no such thing as birth, ageing and death. The Supreme Consciousness does not suffer, nor does it cause suffering. Hence, there is no end of suffering. [Note: What does not begin, does not end]. From the State of the Whole, there is no attainment of wisdom, for there is no wisdom to attain.

Knowing and accepting this Transcendental Truth will leave your mind untainted with delusion of a world of duality. With that, there shall be no fear and deluded desires. Remember, IT (Supreme Consciousness) is all there is. IT is all that exist. And because of this, it ceases to exist. Only when there are two will one know that he / she exists. When there is only ONE, it does not even appear to exist. It just IS. This is what we call the state of Nirvana (Enlightenment). Spiritual guides, be it of the past, present and future, have ‘awakened’ from their deep slumber of this multi-faceted dream, realizing this Spiritual Truth. This is the key to be free from all bondages, leading to Ultimate Liberation (also known as Moksha).

觀 自 在 菩 薩

Guan zi zai pu sa

The Jewelled One Upon the Lotus

行 深 般 若 波 羅 蜜 多 時

Xing Shen Bo Ri Bo Lo Mi Duo Shi

Who dwells deeply in the Ultimate Wisdom of Perfection

照 見 五 蘊 皆 空

Zao Jian Wu Yun Jie Kong

Will come to an ultimate realization that all the five elements are *empty (better used as space).

度 一 切 苦 厄

Du yi qie ku er

This realisation will liberate one from all suffering and distress.

舍 利 子

She li zi

(Direct Translation: Shariputra - (This symbolises the devoted Disciple of the Buddhic Path) “O Devoted Disciple of the Buddhic Path”

色 不 異 空 空 不 異 色

Se bu yi kong, kong bu yi se

Know that form does not differ from space, and space does not differ from form.

色 即 是 空 空 即 是 色

Se ji shi kong, kong ji shi se

Form is in fact, space, and space is in fact, form.

受 想 行 識 亦 復 如 是

Shou xiang xing shi yi fu ru shi

Sensations, Thoughts, Impulses, Awareness – all in fact also ARE…

舍 利 子

She li zi

Direct Translation: Shariputra - (This symbolises the devoted Disciple of the Buddhic Path): “O Devoted Disciple of the Buddhic (Wisdom) Path”

是 諸 法 空 相

Shi zhu fa kong xiang

Despite their seeming existence (manifestation), are all in fact, nothingness.

不 生 不 滅

Bu sheng, bu mie

(Nothing) begins nor ends

不 垢 不 淨

Bu gou, bu jing

(Nothing) is stained, nor pure

不 增 不 減

Bu Zheng Bu Jian

(Nothing) is gained, nor is it lost

是 故 空 中 無 色

(Shi gu) kong zong wu se

Therefore, amidst this space, there is actually no form

無 受 想 行 識

Wu shou xiang xing shi

No sensations, thoughts, impulses, and awareness

無 眼 耳 鼻 舌 身 意

Wu yan er bi she shen yi

No eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, and mind

無 色 聲 香 味 觸 法

Wu se sheng xiang wei chu fa

No form, sound, smell, taste, touch, and knowledge

無 眼 界 乃 至 無 意 識 界

Wu yan jie nai zhi wu yi shi jie

No realm of sight, nor thoughts

無 無 明 亦 無 無 明 盡

Wu wu ming yi wu wu ming jing

There is no ignorance, nor end of ignorance

乃 至 無 老 死 亦 無 老 死 盡

Nai zhi wu lao si yi wu lao si jing

No ageing and death, hence there is also no end of ageing and death.

無 苦 集 滅 道

Wu ku ji mie dao

No suffering, cause of suffering, and therefore end of suffering, as well as no path to follow

無 智 亦 無 得

Wu zhi yi wu de

No attainment of wisdom, and no wisdom to attain

以 無 所 得 故

Yi wu suo de qu

As nothing is attained, therefore...

菩 提 薩 埵

Pu ti sa duo

Bodhisattvas (Embodiments of Divinity)

依 般 若 波 羅 蜜 多 故

Yī bo ri bo luo mi duo gu

Follow the Prajna Paramita (Perfection of Transcendental Wisdom), which leads to;

心 無 罣 礙

Xin wu gua ai

A mind untainted with delusion...

無 罣 礙 故 

Wu gua ai gu

With no delusion (hindrance or obstruction), therefore;

無 有 恐 怖

Wu you kong bu

There is no fear

遠 離 顛 倒 夢 想

Yuan li dian dao meng xiang

Far away from deluded desire and dreams;

究 竟 涅 槃

Jiu jing nie pan

And eventually attaining the state of Nirvana (Enlightenment).

三 世 諸 佛

San shi zhu fo

All Buddhas (Enlightened beings) of the past, present and future

依 般 若 波 羅 蜜 多 故

Yi bo re bo lu mi duo gu

Follow the path of Prajna Paramita (Transcendental Wisdom) to...

得 阿 耨 多 羅 三 藐 三 菩 提

De a nuo duo luo san miao san pu ti

Realise the Ultimate Truth and are completely awakened!

故 知 般 若 波 羅 蜜 多

Gu zi bo re bo luo mi duo

Therefore, know that the Prajna Paramita (Transcendental Wisdom)...

是 大 神 咒

Shi da shen zhou Is a great Divine Mantra...

是 大 明 咒 Shi da ming zhou Is an enlightening Mantra...

是 無 上 咒

Shi wu shang zhou

The Ultimate Mantra (Unsurpassed)...

是 無 等 等 咒

Shi wu deng deng zhou

And an incomparable Mantra...

能 除 一 切 苦

Neng chu yi qie ku

To remove / alleviate all suffering...

真 實 不 虛

Zhen shi bu xu

This is the Ultimate Truth that cannot be doubted.

故 說 般 若 波 羅 蜜 多 咒

Gu shuo bo re bo luo mi duo zhou

Hence the Prajna Paramita propagates..

即 說 咒 曰

Ji shuo zhou yie 

Saying this:

揭 諦 揭 諦 波 羅 揭 諦   波 羅 僧 揭 諦 菩 提 娑 婆 訶

Jie di jie di bo luo jie di Bo luo seng jie di pu di sa po he

"Ascend, Ascend, Ascend beyond, Ascend beyond altogether, Awakened So be it."

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