The Mind, Visualisation and Self-Healing

November 2013 (Manila, PHILIPPINES)

Spiritual Master for the Sandhya Maarga Mission and the founder of the Sandhya Maarga Yoga system, e-magazine Holistic Living Annex, Sandhya Maarga Holistic Living Academy, and international speaker and author Master Genevieve Tan Shu Thung was invited to the Philippines to provide several lectures in conjunction with this year's annual conference organised by the Philippines College of the Advancement in Medicine.

Themed "The Power of Natural Healing", the conference was intended to serve as a platform to promote the effectiveness of the different forms of alternative medicines amongst the people from different parts of the world.

Master Genevieve Tan Shu Thung delivered three main lectures at the conference on the 9th, 10th and 11th of November 2013 at Club Filipino, Manila (Philippines):

a) Sandhya Maarga Meditation (to awake the Kundalini): Your Key to Health and Life (Plenary) b) Sandhya Maarga Yoga for Weight Loss (Plenary)

c) The Mind, Visualisation and Self-Healing (Workshop)

The video in the above is the recording of the workshop for a smaller group of people on the 11th of November 2013 at the Gabaldon Room (Club Filipino, Manila).

The workshop began with a short introduction to the principles and philosophy of vibrational / energy medicine followed by a detailed description on the nature of the mind and how it affects our physiology. The lecture then proceeds to discuss the different case studies as to how people were relieved from their ailments solely by identifying the psychosomatic root and re-organising their thought patterns. Using the Sandhya Maarga Meditation Technique official audio guide, the entire lecture ended with a meditation session.

Dialogue: Reality is Subjective

27 August 2013 (Bangalore, INDIA)

Excerpts from the Q&A Session with the Master (Glasgow group): “Reality is subjective” Bengaluru, INDIA – August 27, 2013

Disciple (Sister Margaret):

Mother, is God real?


If you are real, then he is. If you are not real, then he isn’t too.

Disciple (Sister Margaret):

Why is that Mother? I don’t understand.


That is because God is as real as you think you are. If you think you exist, then God exists. If you one day cease to exist, so does God because the very concept of God symbolises a higher power. God exists in the mind of man as a separate being or source. However, God lies within. God is the very essence of all things made and all things unmade. There is no separation. God was never born and so God can never die. God was, is and will always be. There is only a “God” and “devotee” when duality still blinds man. That is why the Buddhist sutras always emphasise on how the universe as we know it, is in fact ‘kong’ – empty.

Disciple (Brother Frank):

Empty? How can the world be empty when Earth itself is populated by billions of human beings and more billions of animals? And we are seated here, talking to you Mother. How then can the world be empty?


Kong’ in Chinese according to the spiritual interpretation does not literally mean “empty” as how we define it in the English language. The Heart Sutra clearly states that the man who dwells deeply in the ultimate wisdom of perfection will come to an ultimate realisation that all the five elements are in fact, nothing. They do not exist. The elements you perceive to be real are only real to your senses. Beyond the senses, there is nothing. Only Spirit.

Disciple (Sister Georgina):

So we exist only when the five senses allow us to sense that we exist?


This does not apply only to a limited number of five senses. As long as you are still bound by your senses, you exist. Beyond the senses, there is only Spirit. An all-pervasive field of divinity. This is otherwise known as the Atma.

Disciple (Sister Georgina):

In that case, we do not really exist at all. Then why all these drama in life? Why do we experience different things and feel different feelings? We can feel happiness and sadness, and some of us suffer while some of us enjoy life. If God is an ocean of nothingness and God is the all-pervasive being that He is, then why all these activities of differences take place within this field of divinity?


Good question. Although it is difficult to paint a picture of what divinity really is using any language, I would like to invite you to imagine the physical ocean. Let us for now just imagine the ocean and all the life forms that are in it. We will now focus only on those life forms that cannot live outside the ocean and discard those that can. These life forms need the ocean to survive just like every single form there is in this world. There is nothing that is void of divinity. Each and every object and every life form you come across is a part of Spirit. Yet, what is the ocean without these life forms? Unless there are two, one cannot know the other. The life forms must first assume an identity to exist before they can also give rise to the existence of the ocean. Yet, although the life forms and the ocean seem to be ‘separated’ from each other, are they really separate? After all, these life forms cannot live without the ocean. The ocean is all they know. They were born, bred and in the end, will eventually die there. Although each species goes around doing their thing as instinct prompts them to in the ocean, do they actually realise that they are part of it? That’s similar to the limited ego-self in action. This is how separation begins. One busies him or herself with whatever that is prompted from within, not knowing that whatever it is, they would not have existed without Spirit in the first place. Identity exists in duality. Identity ceases when there is only One.

The ocean example I have just spoken of is not exactly a full representation of what I am trying to say here, but I was painting a picture of the ever-existing life cycle with its relationship to what we call God.

Disciple (Brother Hari):

So basically, we are supposed to identify that connecting link with each other. Am I right Mother?


I just said that identity ceases when there is only One. What is there to identify then dear Hari?

Disciple (Brother Hari):

I could not exactly put my understanding into words.


Yes, that is the limitation of man-made languages.

Disciple (Sister Connie):

Yet we sort of get the idea.


Yes. That is the language that man did not make. It is the language of Spirit – the heart. In fact, it is not even a language to begin with. Language exists only when communication is required. But what is communication when there is only One?

Disciple (Brother Hari):

The closest I can get to is that we need to feel the connection as one massive field of energy.


Speaking from only One, there is also no room for feeling. Feelings exist also in duality. Just be.

Disciple (Sister Emma):

The state of being.


If you must call it a “state” in this world of duality that we seemingly exist in.

***Disciples laughing ***

Disciple (Sister Juanita):

If there is anything I know, it is that whatever we use to describe it, it just wouldn’t do. Because we are beyond description and feelings. We just are? So trying to use fancy words just wouldn’t represent the true nature of Spirit. Because Spirit just is?


Now we’re talking.

***Disciples laughing***

Disciple (Brother Om):

Okay Mother, I have another question that is bothering my mind.


Then tell me and we’ll see if I can ‘un-bother’ it. If I cannot, then maybe you’ll need to book an appointment with your psychologist?

***Disciples bursting into loud laughter***

Disciple (Sister Gemma):

Mother, I’m sure we would all agree that you are our psychologist. Otherwise, all 27 of us wouldn’t have taken the trouble to come all the way from England to see you in India.


Then I must be one extremely expensive psychologist to visit. I didn't know I had a 'rate' on me.


Disciple (Brother Om):

I was going to ask about curses. In our Indian culture, we believe in curses. Families could get cursed by the evil eye from others. Or people can curse us to suffer from certain consequences. My question is, are curses real?


Again my dear child, curses are as real as man believes himself to be.

Disciples (Brother Om):

Just like God?


I have repeatedly said in almost every meeting with all disciples - Ekatma Sarva Bhutantaratma. There is only ONE Atma that dwells in every being. If curses exist, they too are part of Spirit. Where purity exists, impurity must exist too. Where good dwells, so must evil. These are all fluctuating states of the dual world that you are dreaming of.

Disciple (Brother Om):

So, if we are awakened, or we have experienced the ultimate reality if I may say that, is it correct to say that we can no longer be affected by the curse that others have placed on us or our families?


With good and evil being part of the all-pervasive You, how can ‘You’ be affected? It all becomes a screen play – a show. This is what we call leela.

Disciple (Sister Lalitha):

But Mother, in this show we still live. Or do we die when we become awakened?


You can neither be born nor can you die. Only the physical body, still entrapped in this dual world, can.

Disciple (Brother Om):

An awakened man doesn’t die as we have seen many Self-realised souls over the past many centuries. In India, we have so many of them. But even after such awakening Mother, we still have bodies. Wouldn’t we be affected still? Even if the curse doesn’t affect us personally let’s say, but it may affect our families. And seeing our families suffer, wouldn’t we feel some feelings of uneasiness?

***Master turns to brother Om and speaks in Telugu***


(Telugu: Do not speak as though such spiritual personalities belong only to India. They belong to no one and yet belong to all. So when you said “we have so many of them in India”, it was not very apt. To have said “there are so many of them in India” would have been better. And don’t worry, your family is not affected by black magic. It’s only in your mind! Don’t blame everything on black magic. Sometimes, these cases are real, but most of the time, man just blames black magic because it is easier. You are attracting all these misfortunes in your life from all the negative thoughts instead of them being a result of other people's jealousy!)

***Master resumes in English***

You are now contradicting yourself. If you have awakened, you will realise that all feelings only exist in duality. But being just ‘You’, You just are. Nothing matters. Master: You are now contradicting yourself. If you have awakened, you will realise that all feelings only exist in duality. But being just ‘You’, You just are. Nothing matters.

Disciple (Sister Rose):

Wouldn't that make us cold-blooded or something?


Again, qualities exist only in duality. Of course, while the ego-self still plays its role, you seem to exist as a separate human being. But with Jnana (spiritual wisdom), you know everything that you perceive arises only from the interpretation of the senses. But in reality, everything is nothing, and nothing is everything.

Disciple (Sister Rani):

So, we feel the pain because somehow our ego-self still lures us to believe that we are still entrapped in a human body, but we know that the pain isn’t real because it’s just a drama?


It is because you would not associate yourselves with it. You are the producer, director, actor and audience. Let’s take a simpler example. One day, you decide to use your left hand to stab your right hand. Can your right hand blame your left hand for having done so? No doubt you feel the pain. But knowing that it was Your own decision, and the left hand only carried out the order from the higher chain of command, can your right hand blame your left hand? No! Would your right hand say that the left hand had deliberately injured it? No.

Disciple (Brother Om):

So indirectly, any curse is also the result of our own decisions?


Your own higher leela (drama). Remember. You may be the actor in this divine show, but you are also the producer, director and audience! When you finally realise this, all curses just cease to exist. There is no such thing. The actor becomes too deeply involved in the role that he has been given and drowns in the script of the divine show. However, he forgets that he is also the main reason the show exists in the first place. Without him, there would have been no show.

Dialogue: Nature of the Mind

26 August 2013 (Bangalore, INDIA)

Disciple (Sister Kirthi):

What is the best way to describe the mind?


The mind has no form. How can there ever be a description for the mind? The entire Universe is the reflection of your Mind.

Serving Others

4 March 2014 (Klang, MALAYSIA)

If Man realises that the other people that he meets along the way are but his own reflections, he will not think twice to lend a hand. Man is calculative because of his own ignorance. If he regards all as part of himself, he will see no distinction between the people around him. Just as you would not treat your right arm with more care than your left arm, you will not treat others, whom you know are part of you any differently.

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